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Trip Itineraries

Africa - click on available country. 

Accra, Ghana - Now available 
Dakar, Senegal - Now available
Zanzibar, Tanzania - Now available 
Lagos, Nigeria (Coming soon)
Capetown, South Africa (Coming soon)
Nairobi, Kenya (Coming soon)
Cairo, Egypt (Coming soon)
Marrakech, Morocco (Coming soon)
Kigali, Rwanda (Coming soon)
Windhoek, Namibia (Coming soon)
Zambia, Zimbabwe & Botswana (Coming soon)
Southeast Asia
Bali, Indonesia (Coming soon)
Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand (Coming soon)
Hanoi, Vietnam (Coming soon)
South/Central America
Jamaica (Coming soon)
Cuba (Coming soon)
Grenada (Coming soon)
Barbados (Coming soon)
Medellin, Colombia (Coming soon)
Lima, Peru (Coming soon)
Rio, Brazil (Coming soon)
Trinidad & Tobago (Coming soon)
Aruba (Coming soon)
Curacao (Coming soon)